1. "The Owl" in Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat. 

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  3. Sailor Moon


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  5. February 1st, 2013 

    Hourly Comic Day

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  7. A lovely day in Central Park 


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  9. koikatcher said: You're welcome, it looks amazing! if you don't mind me asking, what did you use to make it?

    Thank you very much (and also for the ask, I like asks)! I started the BK vs Manhattan piece on paper with pencil then went into Photoshop and colored it there, I block out the colors, I use custom brushes, watercolored paper texture and redid my line art with the pen tool.


  10. Frustration

    by: namnum

  11. artists on tumblr art Illustration Jessica Namnum frustration rage comics lol

  12. Jaune

    by: namnum

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  14. namnum for Ringforce

    2012 June

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  16. Deki

    by: namnum

    June 2010

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  18. Hello~~ I just want to say, thank you all for following, rebloging, liking, asking and just generally supporting my art. I am so grateful for all the love being sent my way. So here’s a doodle for today! 


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  20. Brian and Cilian - Bunny Wedding

    This was a wedding gift to a very close friend of mine.

    by: namnum

    January 2013

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  22. Peony Study

    by namnum

    available on Society6

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  23. artists on tumblr peony face girl illustration study art Jessica Namnum illustrator

  24. showslow said: Hey, my pleasure! Ill feature some more later :) keep up the good work !! Ss

    Thanks so much! :) I hope you keep checking back ~ C: I’m going to try to update daily, I’m working on a new piece that I’m going to upload soon as well as some other work. (tumblr is super easy to update, which is awesome!) The responce to my art has been very lovely and I’m very grateful. I really, really appreciate all the support, thanks again c:  -namnum


  25. by: namnum

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  26. all the bits art artists on tumblr big ass heart big heart for my 8bitpeoples heart i ♥ u illustration i♥u long time pixel pixel art Jessica Namnum

  27. garabating said: Hi Jessica, Welcome to Tumblr. Your work is really amazing. I'm looking forward to see more of it. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Joel, Thanks! and thank you for featuring me on your blog :) It’s awesome!